About ShipX

ShipX is a full-service delivery solutions provider that leverages technology to help e-commerce shippers streamline parcel delivery to their customers.

At ShipX, we believe parcel delivery should be executed faster, more efficiently, and should leverage world-class technology to optimize and track shipments.

  • We believe in delivery networks with built-in redundancy to ensure reliability and continuity.
  • We believe the existing delivery infrastructure can be better leveraged — thus reducing waste.
  • We believe in a better delivery experience for you and consignees.
  • We believe a delivery partnership should enable your success and growth — and not be viewed a cost center.

A Great New Shipping Alternative.

Our mission is to provide an efficient, reliable affordable alternative to the handful of national delivery carriers that dominate — and restrict — the shipping marketplace.

A Flexible Partner.

ShipX aims to be flexible, providing e-commerce shippers with innovative shipping options. We'll tailor unified delivery solutions based on the parameters of your shipping volume and urgency.


A Problem Solver.

ShipX does the heavy lifting by identifying and unifying top performing carriers into one reliable shipping solution that can be monitored and managed on a single, fully transparent technology platform. At our core, the ShipX team is a group of problem-solvers whose goal is to accommodate the evolving needs of today today's shippers.

Let ShipX create a customized delivery solution for you.