TL, LTL, Parcel Shipping Made Easy

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How can ShipX help you?

ShipX is a tech-enabled delivery service provider that helps enables wholesale, e-commerce, retail and 3PL shippers to optimize and execute deliveries seamlessly, from first to middle to final mile.


  • Manufacturing / Wholsale
  • E-Commerce brands
  • 3PL & Fulfillment centers
  • Regional and major carriers
  • Retailers
  • Private fleets

Eco friendly delivery.

ShipX will collaborate closely with our Vetted Delivery Network™ (VDN) of carriers to develop novel approaches of incorporating battery-electric vehicles into their fleets, with the goal of distributing the resulting environmental benefits throughout our shipper community.

A tech-enabled, redundant network.

New technologies and a robust Vetted Delivery Network™ (VDN) allow us to build dynamic routing that has built-in redundancy, thus ensuring continuity on every shipment.

Simple, predictable pricing.

We take complexity out of the final mile pricing equation. Our rate sheets are clear and straightforward, making it easy to plan and price your products.

Door-to-door tracking.

By scanning every package at every milestone, we provide full visibility across the entire parcel journey and provide real-time tracking data on our site or yours.

The capacity you need right now.

Our mission is to provide an efficient, reliable, scalable alternative to the handful of national delivery carriers that dominate — and restrict — the shipping marketplace.

A flexible partner.

ShipX gives shippers never-before-seen options in domestic ground delivery. We’ll deploy scalable delivery solutions based on the size, speed and volume of your shipping output.

Efficiency, every step of the way.


One call, one complete solution.

ShipX leverages its full complement of TL and LTL carrier bases, along with its parcel Vetted Delivery Network™ (VDN) to form unified, turnkey delivery solutions no matter your shipping needs. These networks have been carefully screened according to their volume, efficiency and use of technology. In turn, this enables ShipX to offer a reliable and high level of service and turn-key solutions for shippers of a wide range of products.

  • Middle mile truckload and contract capacity services
  • Direct-to-store distribution
  • Direct carrier, air cargo injection
  • Line-haul injection
  • Local sortation and transfer
  • Warehouse to warehouse transfers
  • Coast-to-coast zone skipping
  • Power-only tractors
  • 26-foot box trucks, sprinter vans
  • Peak capacity coverage

Start your TL, LTL, parcel journey with ShipX today.