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Focused, Frictionless Delivery Services

ShipX is a trusted provider for major e-commerce businesses, retailers, and 3PLs, thanks to our Vetted Delivery Network™ (VDN) that allows us to execute thousands of deliveries every day. We carefully screen our delivery providers to ensure the quality, reliability, and safety of our service. With our VDN, we offer unparalleled delivery capacity, distinguishing ourselves as the preferred choice in the industry due to our meticulous attention to detail.


E-Commerce Delivery Solutions

Allow ShipX to examine your shipping data to create pricing strategies that enhance online conversion rates.


Retail Delivery Solutions

ShipX offers nationwide coverage and a wide range of pickup options, ensuring that your brand is well taken care of from the time it leaves the loading dock until it reaches its final destination.


3PL Delivery Solutions

ShipX can optimize efficiency and profitability for various package sizes and delivery speeds.

A Green Approach to Logistics

The planet needs our help. ShipX utilizes our technology platform to optimize existing routes and carrier vehicles for deliveries, whenever possible. Additionally, we invest in carbon offset programs to offset the impact of our use of fossil fuels and other resources.

Simple, Predictable Pricing

Our rate sheets are simple, transparent, and consistent. Providing you with the ability to establish a reliable pricing strategy.


Door-to-Door Tracking

Package scanning and tracking are available on our site or yours.

The Capacity You Need Right Now

Don't let capacity and surcharges limit your growth. Allow ShipX to manage your excess volume.


Let ShipX create a customized delivery solution for you.